Our mission is to make Networking solutions MORE Robust

For the modern office and home – wifi is essential for day-to-day operations of all environments these days – trust Melbourne WiFi to deliver solutions to meet your needs.

Principal consultant Adam Horton is an established electronic engineer & certified ITC professional able to orchestrate the ideal solution to get you connected. From hardware, caballing, installation and network configuration the Melbourne WiFi technicians have got you covered. The team specialise in fitting in with your ascetics, technical demands, growth ambitions and self-managed aspirations, Adam services both commercial and residential customers, solving your unique network needs

Building solutions & high-performing internet

For many professionals working from home, students studying, teachers teaching from home, reliable home Wi-Fi is part of what you need to get through your day.

Supporting businesses and homes with a focus on quality, tailored solutions and delivering with a smile. Melbourne Wi-Fi’s principal consultant, Adam Horton, started Melbourne Wi-Fi to really focus on what he does best. Adam has a tailored approach with clients, ensuring he creates solutions fast and on budget.
Melbourne Wi-Fi is family owned and operated and supports other small businesses throughout the Melbourne region.

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