Ubiquiti Access Point Base Unlock Tool w/ Reset


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Rexford Tools UTR-20 and UTC4-10 are designed specifically for releasing that tedious tab that locks Ubiquiti access points to their base. Simply slide it into the slot and twist.

In addition to releasing the locking tab, the UTR-20 offers an offset reset tool. Some access points and other devices have hard to reach reset buttons. The pin on the UTR-20 is designed specifically for these hard to reach reset buttons! Whether you are working on a Ubiquiti AP or other piece of hardware, this tool will simplify pushing or holding any reset button.

Quickly Releases Locking Tab on Ubiquiti Access Points
Simplifies Pressing and Holding Reset Buttons
Remove Access Points in Seconds
Includes Braided Steel Key Ring
Handle Material: 3D Printed High-Impact PETG
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Reset Pin Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 4.16in x .42in x .16in
Made in the USA

** Please Note: Handle Color may Vary

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Dimensions 175 × 100 × 3 cm


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