TP-Link SM311LS SFP Module Single Mode Mini GBIC, IEEE 802.3z, LC-Type, 1310nm, 10km, Single-mode


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Single-mode MiniGBIC module
Applied to T3700G-28TQ, TL-SG5412F/TL-SG5428, TL-SL5428E,TL-SG3210/TL-SG3216/TL-SG3424/TL-SG3424P,TL-SL3428/TL-SL3452, TL-SG2210P/TL-SG2216/TL-SG2424/TL-SG2424P/TL-SG2452, TL-SL2210/TL-SL2218/TL-SL2428/TL-SL2452 and MC220L

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Dimensions 124 × 82 × 40 cm


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