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Pay for what you need when you need it, go at your own pace for all your IT Projects 

Melbourne Wi-Fi offers a discounted rate to customers who pre-pay. you can pay for just what you need, when you need it.  

  •  Pre-Paid Hours can be applied to onsite servicesprojects or remote desktop support 
  • We have blocks of 4, 8, 12 and 32 hours 
  • Monthly Reporting on usage 
  • Pre-paid hours can be used anytime (within our Service Hours)

Terms of Pre-Paid Hours:

Pre-Paid blocks are able to be used for Tier 1 & 2 support items only. These items are detailed below (Definition of IT Support Tiers). 

If a support request has been recognised as a Tier 3 support item or a specialised service, the customer will not be charged any further – or at least until further pricing agreement or quote has been approved. 

Onsite – Time blocks for onsite services will be generally be expended by the client in hour blocks, with a minimum one hour call out charge. Melbourne Wi-Fi will work with the client to carefully estimate the number of hours required and update and agree onsite if these hours should be varied. Listed rates assume clients are within 25km radius of Melbourne Wi-Fi head office, located at Greeves Street, St Kilda, VIC. Call-outs further away may require an agreed, nominal charge for additional travel time.  

Remote – Prepaid time blocks for remote services will be expended by the client in 15 minute blocks for each single, discrete interaction, be they each half an hour in duration or part thereof. There are no rollovers between half-hour blocks, regardless of how much time is remaining after parts thereof are expended in each discrete instance.  

Installations – Pre-paid hours and hardware purchased in an installation quote are expected to be deposited at least 2 working days before the installation is to be conducted. The amount of hours quoted are fixed – This means you’ll not be charged any extra if the job takes longer than quoted. This is also inclusive of additional labour hands that may be required.

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4 Hours, 8 Hours, 16 Hours, 32 Hours


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