Networking a new home or renovation

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When’s the best time to start looking at technology in a new home or renovation?

We believe the best time to start cabling is just after the electrician has finished and before the plasterer comes in. This gives you an opportunity to take exact measurements and hang without hassle. Running string along with some of your cables is advised – to easily run more later if needed. Upon our initial inspection of the site, checking out the floor plan and understanding the customer’s needs. What kind of things do you look for? heat map of your house What other types of hardware considerations are next? Well, it’s often something to consider – indoor and outdoor activity. For the outdoors, I’d be looking at different variations of the mesh outdoor units with their IP67 weatherproof rating – they can handle some pretty drastic temperatures and storms while providing great Wi Fi for your outdoor areas! Also, you may want some hard-wired ethernet devices. There are in-wall access points that have wi-fi and ethernet ports available so you could plug in a printer or a VoIP phone. And what happens getting the cabling in and placing it all behind the walls? – the preinstall of the devices phase. Okay, so when we’re when we’re running cables, with a with a new home build, it’s often the best case scenario where you can actually set up hooks into the ceiling, so you can run an additional piece of string if you might want to run cables again later on. Once the build is complete, it does give you the ideal scenario. Another scenario is when you’re doing a renovation in which you’ve got a partial partially open roof or walls will cavities and you can actually conduct a so lots of words. Additionally, I’ll look at best viewpoint with things like cameras if they’re being installed. Then best solution if a door access system is required. Finally, whereabouts to store the hardware cabinet – with the switches and router and any storage devices you might want. Or Foxtel or audio like sun OS or anything a-like. office relocation for Butterfly So once everything is completed, people are ready to move into the house. How do you go about activating all the devices and installing them? It’s a very fast process. Most of the hard work has been done. I have already pre-configured most of what you’ve asked for, covered off at the planning part of the build. Then such things as having multiple wi-fi networks (maybe a main one , followed by a kid’s network with parental settings and scheduling). Or VLANs – to separate things like your cameras and your IoT from the main network. So you if you have security cameras, you want to keep that on a separate network so it’s not exposed to the Internet. So that’s secluded and safe and away from any potential hacking threat. And your IoT devices – they’re the Internet of Things, AKA home automation stuff – Google, Alexa, Sonos etc. And you want to keep them on a separate network as well. That’s just a general security concern these days that I like to cap off