How & why to do an internet speed test

When diagnosing issues with your Wi-Fi network it is helpful to do a speed test to understand what your ISP (internet service provider) is currently delivering to your home. This can assist in uncovering if you are getting the advertised rates from your ISP that you paid for. Device based speed tests can help troubleshoot any WiFi blackspots within your network around your home.

There are a wide range of speed test websites, some very basic, some will include a lot of detail. Analysing your internet speed not just to the local server, but to servers at different locations is super important, websites are hosted all over the world these days!

Speed Test

There are way more sophisticated websites you can go to for a more comprehensive speed test. Ookla is our preferred tool here at Melbourne Wi-Fi others we like include –

or just do it from Google search!

How to do a basic a Speed Test via Google Search:

3 things to look for in your speed test results:

  • download speed is the rate that you are receiving data and content from the internet or your network host.
  • upload speed is the rate that you are sending data from your device to a server on the internet.
  • ping is the speed at which the server at the other end replies or acknowledges the transmitted data packet

WiFi speeds can vary device to device even if they are the same Wi-Fi network. It is best to run a speed test first on a PC, laptop or device hardwired or connected to the router via and ethernet cable. Once you have established the quality of the connection to your home it is easier to troubleshoot blackspots or signal drops outs in your home network. If you are experiencing interruptions to Wi-Fi signal within your home, a Mesh network or WiFi Repeater may help solve your problems.

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